A GTK+3 clone of the popular 2048 puzzle game

Screenshot of Gtk2048



2048 is a sliding-block puzzle game in which the goal is to combine numbered tiles to create the coveted 2048-tile.

Players move tiles around a 4x4 grid by shifting in 4 directions. Each shift pushes tiles as far in that direction as they can go. If tiles with the same value collide during a shift, they combine to make a tile with double the value. A new, random 2- or 4-tile appears after each shift.

The game is won when a 2048-tile appears on the grid, but is lost if the grid fills up and there are no more moves possible.


Status & Download

Jul 7, 2014 - Version 1.0 (stable) released
Download the source code and a precompiled binary: gtk2048-1.0.tar.gz (45.7kB)

Gtk2048 is hosted in a public repository on GitHub.

This project is still actively being developed. That means there will be future versions, with improvements and new features.

To request a feature, report a bug, or for general questions/comments, please contact me.

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